Integrate BulkSMS, Global SMS Gateway

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Integrate an SMS gateway into a forex signals provider website. The website has users data from all around the world. Daily the members who have purchased a plan for signals on the website should receive the signal data as an SMS and email.

Solution Provided

A lot of research was put into by us for the client to find the best suitable SMS gateway vendor. The biggest challenge here was that the users in the database were present from different countries. Each country has its own codes for phone numbers and also multiple carriers.

After seeing multiple vendors we shorlisted BulkSMS gateway. We first built a prototype for the client by testing out sending sms to 10 different countries mobile numbers. The results and the pricing worked out well. They provide credits and have different credit charges for different countries and carriers.

The API gives good stats about the message delivery and failures. All the information was captured daily for the client and saved for reporting.

They have three groups for the SMS type which are Economy, Medium and Premium. Depending on the group selected the charges of credits used vary. The best results were obtained with the Economy group itself. Most of the SMS were delivered successfully daily, with minimum failure rate.

The logic was built into the system to find the active members in the AMember membership database and send them signal information via SMS by connecting to the BulkSMS Server URL and Port Number. The same information was sent by email too.