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Integrate Liberty Reserve Payment Gateway

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Integrate Liberty Reserve Payment gateway into a forex signals provider website. The forex website manages membership data using AMember. The website has monthly plans . The user should be signed up directly into the website upon purchase of a plan.

Solution Provided

Liberty Reserve payment gateway did not support the creation of recurring plans. The various plans were created inside the merchant login. The product ids were mapped on the order form to the product ids created in AMember admin. The store account id, store name, were also passed as hidden fields in the order form.

The payment form did not have fields to capture the user information, hence before posting the data to the Liberty Reserve server, the name, email , mobile were captured on the order form itself and passed as hidden fields to the Payment URL.

The success and cancel URLs were defined, the Post Payment Notification URL was also defined in the merchant login. The data sent there was used to create the membership account of first time customers. In case of existing members their records were updated.

PS: Sometime in 2013 LR was shutdown after alleged charges of money laundering. A lot of genuine customers who had their money in their accounts became bankrupt overnight. As of now the domain name and assets are seized by the US Global Illicit financial team. The matter is being investigated. 



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