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Integrate Mindbody API

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Synchronize a web-application built for saving meditation and yoga related classes information of customers with MindBody API. The customers will signup into MindBody and their data should be captured from there and updated into the web-application database. The customers should be able to book appointments from the web-application which should be updated into the MindBody database.

Solution Provided

The credentials for Mind-body developer API were obtained. The source name, password, siteId, were all supplied to the SOAP request call . Then a query was fired on the MindBody database as a part of the request to fetch all the customers profile information present in MindBody. The data was retrieved in CSV format. Then a validation was implemented to check if the emails of the customers were present in the web-application database. If no then these records were created in the web-application database. The MindBody client id was inserted too. If the record of the customer was found then the record was updated with the MindBody client id received from the API.

A cron job was setup to sync the database daily with Mindbody looking for new customers. The client id from Mind Body was used for mapping between the application and the API.

The customers had access to an appointment form where they could select the location, and the appointment date for booking. Then a request was made to the MindBody server passing the location, date, staff id, client id to add the new appointment in the MindBody database. The status of the API was tracked to track the success / failure of the request.

The application helped the client streamline his business in terms of managing all the user related activities and sessions for yoga and meditation.


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