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Pretargeting – SEMRush API

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Automate the aggregation of URL meta data, including basic scoring and exporting of output

Implemented Points

The API is used to generate a list of keywords for a specific URL and the weight-age of those keyword.

The below output fields are parsed.
(1) Dn – Sites competing with this site in search results
(2) Np – The number of keywords for which the site is displayed in search results next to the analyzed site
(3) Or – Keywords this site has in the TOP 20 organic results
(4) Ot – Estimated number of visitors coming from the first 20 search results (per month)
(5) Oc – Estimated cost of purchasing the same number of visitors through Ads
(6) Ad – Keywords this site has in the TOP 20 Ads results


SEMRush sets a daily limit on the API calls (5000 API calls). Admin can see the updated number of calls made in a 24 hour period, so that he can stop processing the URLs once the call limit is reached.

The generated data is further used for keyword based ad targeting.

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