Integrate Esellerate Payment Gateway

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Integrate Esellerate Payment gateway into a forex signals provider website. The forex website manages membership data using AMember. The website has monthly plans and each plan will be of recurring type. The user should be signed up directly into the website upon purchase of a plan.

Solution Provided

The Esellerate Merchant login provided two keys for integrating the payment gateway. They were defined as hidden variables s and pc in the order form. The recurring plans for each product was created inside the merchant login. The product code was assigned as the product ids from Amember.

Each plan had a unique id which needed to be defined into a hidden variable on the order form _cartitem0.skurefnum.

The payment URL was defined as the form action and on click of the plan button the user was redirected to the Esellerate web server. The users profile information was captured in the page and on post payment the user was redirected to the Success or Cancel/Failure page. The URLs for these pages were defined in the merchant login.

The payment notification URL was also defined in the merchant login and post payment information was posted on that URL. The data returned was in XML format. The data was parsed by the XML parser program written in PHP and user was registered as a member in the Amember database.

In case of the recurring users the plan was renewed. There are also tools for posting mock data while development to the payment notification URL in the merchant login. These tools were used to test out the various cases of payments being made.

Some General Points

Esellerate as a payment gateway is very strict in taking action against websites which receive complains of selling ponzi schemes/plans, MLM ideas, abusive substances etc. They do not promote any of these activities and you should take each customer complaint very seriously else there is a good chance your account will be blacklisted. Do inquire with their support about the details of your business plans before you go ahead and purchase their gateway plans.