Integrate SWREG Payment Gateway

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Integrate Swreg Payment gateway into a forex signals provider website. The forex website manages membership data using AMember. The website has monthly plans and each plan will be of recurring type. The user should be signed up directly into the website upon purchase of a plan.

Solution Provided

The recurring plans were created in the SWREG merchant login. The product ids were mapped with the product ids defined in the Amember admin.

The order form was created with the plan buttons and the various hidden fields for the payment form. On click of any plan the user was redirected to the SWREG server. The user information was collected along with his credit card information and user was redirected to a success or failure page depending on the status of the payment. The success and failure page URLs were defined in the merchant login.

The post payment notification data URL was also defined in the merchant login. The data was sent to this URL in XML format. A PHP parser script was implemented on this URL to read the payment data and create the user membership account. In case of recurring payments the users plan details were renewed. Various simulations tests were conducted in the sandbox account to test the various payment completion and cancelled scenarios.